We started A3 Performance as a CrossFit Box but understand that not everyone wants to get into CrossFit.  One of our most succesful programs is Bootcamp.  Bootcamp is a 45 minute workout including the warm up and cooldown.  Get in, get out, get results.   

Bootcamp focuses on living healthier, eating better, losing fat and getting a fantastic workout.  Whatever shape you are in and whatever your goal is, we will develop an individualized program for you.  Some of our athletes move from Bootcamp to CrossFit while others choose to remain in the Bootcamp class.  

Meet our coaches, view the class schedule or contact us. 

"A3 is like no other gym I've ever experienced.  The coaching is expert, personalized and has helped me achieve my goals.  I am stronger, leaner, and healthier which translates to me being more confident, more ambituous, and a better mother.  Thanks A3 - I LOVE this place!