The A3 Sports Performance program is a highly specialized, multi-tiered, advanced training program for competitive athletes in a variety of sports.  Classes are formed around like athletes at the same performance levels with similar achievement goals.  The programs are designed specifically for each sport, customized for each athlete and programmed for in-season, off-season or general strength, speed and conditioning workouts. We offer sport specific programs for football, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, softball, track, wrestling, hockey, soccer and volleyball.

The A3 Sports Performance training program is ideal for athletes at every level.  We prepare middle school, high school and college athletes using proven exercises and lifts that translate to better performance on the field, on the court and during competition.


Each of our programs is uniquely developed for speed, agility, and power.  The training is focused on creating powerful athletes so they can effectively and efficiently transfer their athletic ability into a stronger, faster and better performance.


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