Tips for eating healthier over the holidays

Here are some quick tips to help you eat healthier over the holidays...

  1. SNACK BEFORE THE MEAL – Research(1) may not support the conclusion that snacks increase your metabolism, but they may help stabilize your blood sugar and take the edge off your hunger which could result in healthier eating.

  2. USE A SMALLER PLATE – Some studies suggest that a smaller plate results in less food consumed. However, small plates don't work if you are too hungry(2) (refer back to tip 1).

  3. KEEP YOUR DRINKS SIMPLE – Control the amount of alcohol you consume and stick with light beer, champagne or a mixed drink with club soda. The simpler the cocktail the fewer calories it contains(3).

  4. EAT SLOWER – There is some research(4) showing that if you eat slowly you will consume less food.

  5. GET BACK TO THE GYM – Relax, it’s okay to skip a workout on the holiday(5). The day after the holiday you should be back in the gym and back into your routine. JOIN OUR BOOTCAMP TODAY AND SAVE 50% YOUR FIRST MONTH.







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