CrossFit Benchmarks

Introducing CrossFit Benchmarks

Alright folks, the coaches of A3 Performance are on a quest to make you better. That’s right, we are invested in you, your performance, and your progress. In order to make this a reality we are creating “CrossFit Benchmarks” so that you can measure your progress and see where your GOATS are hiding.

Soon we will release a document that has 5 different athletic ability levels that will allow you to benchmark your skills:

  1. Pre-Level 1

  2. Level 1

  3. Level 2

  4. Level 3

  5. Level 4

Each of these 5 levels will also have 3 sub-levels. These levels will lay out various ability levels of strength, stamina, skill, and power. This will allow you to directly quantify where you stand and how you can progress to the next level.

These benchmarks will also help you effectively scale your workouts because they will layout the progression for each movement. For example, if you want to do strict handstand push ups you would look at the levels and see that the first question is how many box pike push-ups can you do. Once you get good at these then you can conquer the full movement. This means that in WOD’s you would do box pike push-ups until you can easily do 10, then you would progress to HSPUs on the wall. This approach is much more effective than continuing to attempt and fail at HSPUs in WODs. This same approach can be used for other skills like muscle ups, strict pull ups, etc.

These levels are created for YOU. They are for your success and development not to deter you and make you feel inadequate. Be are proud of how far you have come and excited about how much further you can go! Use this as an opportunity to quantity your abilities and to set goals to progress to the next level.

Stay tuned, we will releasing the CrossFit Benchmarks document in the near future...

Here is an Example of the Level 2 Benchmarks

Example of Level 2 Benchmarks

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