In Italian the word Forza means strength.  Our Forza Olympic Weightlifting program is extraordinarily dynamic because it is programmed and directed by a World Weightlifting and Olympic level coach.  Coach Mike Gattone refines the lifting techniques and coaches each individual with elite level training in power, strength and explosiveness.  Mike's coaching style is personal and persistent, conditioning each lifter into their maximum potential.  Forza is the ultimate training for Olympic Snatch and Clean/Jerk performance. 

We have a fully equipped Forza Weightlifting Club section in our gym.  The area is dedicated to lifting with 12 platforms, racks, jerk boxes and multiple sets of Olympic Weights. 

In March 2017 Forza team member Danielle won the 90 kg National Masters Championship and set a new American record.  Andrea placed 5th in the 54 kg class. 

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