Can I do CrossFit? 

This is the question that we consistently hear and the answer is definitely YES!  One of the great aspects of CrossFit is that each workout is designed to be scaled so it is appropriate for a beginner or advanced athlete from 18 to 80 years old.  For example, if a workout calls for strict pull ups, our coaches will scale the exercise so you will either use a box or bands to safely perform the pull ups.  Over time you will find that the scaled exercise will become easier and you will be ready to attempt some strict pullups.  We have new members who are unable to do a push up or jog a half mile and within a month their fitness level has dramatically improved! 

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"I can tell you A3 Crossfit goes to great lengths to train you appropriately before they put any weight on your shoulders. Every person in my class had different strengths and weaknesses, but the trainers took their time to work with each of us individually and scale the exercise for each of us. They accepted us as we are, and then helped us to push through our own limitations. As a result, our class became very close and I had a blast working out with them."