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What is Bootcamp?  

A great workout in 45 minutes...get in, get results, get out. Our Bootcamp program is designed to be fun, challenging, and intense!  Our high intensity workouts will get you the results you want by focusing on functional movements with bodyweight, dumbbells and kettle bells. We will keep your heart rate up, burn fat, and increase your lean muscle mass!   

Programming (what do we do in class?)

We will keep your heart rate up, burn fat, and increase your lean muscle mass!  Each week includes at least 3 days of weight training and 2 days of focused aerobic conditioning.  We eliminate the drudgery of repetitive workouts by focusing on a different workout stimulus every day: 

Moving Monday – challenge yourself with a cardio finisher!

Tight Tuesday – extra focus on developing your core!

Weights Wednesday – extra focus on functional weight training!

Thirsty Thursday – a longer workout to really make you sweat!

Fartlek Friday – vary your pace and intensity!

Sick Saturday – partner up and have fun!


Our Bootcamp classes are coached by supportive and enthusiastic coaches who will push and support you.    

Facility & Equipment

Our Bootcamp classes are held in a large dedicated area with plenty of space and equipment.  We have dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, Atlas stones, sleds, racks, etc. 


Our Bootcamp is priced at $105 per month for unlimited classes with no contract (cancel at any time).  If you attend 6 days a week you are paying around $4 per class.  If you attend 5 days a week you are paying $5.25 per class.  You can try your first class for free!


All of your programming is loaded into SugarWOD so you can view your workouts, track your progress and encourage other athletes.  Go to the App or Play store and download SugarWOD and then search for A3 Performance.  When someone posts a new PR give them a fist bump!


We have a custom A3 app that connects to MindBody so you can view our schedule and sign up for classes.  

Meet our coaches, view the class schedule or contact us. 

"A3 is like no other gym I've ever experienced.  The coaching is expert, personalized and has helped me achieve my goals.  I am stronger, leaner, and healthier which translates to me being more confident, more ambituous, and a better mother.  Thanks A3 - I LOVE this place!