We offer a unique variety of programs focusing on personalized fitness. Each of the A3 Performance programs is structured to meet your goals and is delivered in a programmed, coached, high energy, fun, small class environment. 


We know what it takes to get you to reach your goals.  Our programming is un-paralleled because it has purpose, it is designed for you, it has proven results and it’s fun.  It doesn’t matter what your goal is or what shape you’re currently in because we individualize our programming to meet your needs.

"I just finished the "Elements" class and I can tell you A3 Crossfit goes to great lengths to train you appropriately before they put any weight on your shoulders. Every person in my class had different strengths and weaknesses, but the trainers took their time to work with each of us individually and scale the exercise for each of us. They accepted us as we are, and then helped us to push through our own limitations. As a result, our class became very close and I had a blast working out with them."


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