Who does your programming?

We purchase our programming from CrossFit Roots in Boulder, CO. 

WOD Plans

Our programming provides a consistent and progressive workout plan to improve your fitness experience.


Skill Work Plans

We all want to get better right? Skill work is critical for your improvement as an athlete, and it is often overlooked. We will now provide DAILY skill work within the structure of the WOD. The work is centered around the development of the skills of the CrossFit Open to ensure that you are ready to join the community and camaraderie that comes to life during the Open.


Integrated Benchmark Series

Every test should have a purpose and a reason. Therefore we will be testing your fitness in a planned and structured way. This new program provides a collection of 13 workouts scheduled on a four-month cycle to test each benchmark three times per year.


Why do you buy programming from CrossFit Roots?

Project Roots is being developed by CrossFit Roots, one of the most successful CrossFit boxes in the world.

Here are just a few of the benefits:


The Highest Level Coaches

Project Roots is comprised entirely of a team of Certified CrossFit Trainers (CF-L3) and Coaches (CF-L4) who coach weekly group classes and have written daily class plans for over six years. They are experienced in programming and know what it takes to run a successful gym!


Product Tested at CrossFit Roots

They don’t just write programming – they make sure that it works within the structure of an hour group class. CrossFit Roots seeded this project eight years ago when it first began writing daily WOD Plans to develop its coaches and athletes. Every workout and WOD Plan is product tested the month prior at CrossFit Roots in our own group classes. Therefore we know what gains should come from each cycle and how it affected the athletes.


Created for the Everyday Athlete

Project Roots is programming designed for the affiliate, not the Games competitor. This population demands the same level of thoughtful planning and individual-level coaching as the competitive athlete, and the Project Roots solution provides that for A3.